How do I ?

Where can I get these County services? County Services
Where can get information on safe drinking water?   Wisconsin DNR Website
How do I apply for a passport?    County Clerk
Where do I get a copy of my Birth Certificate?    Register of Deeds
Where do I get a copy of my divorce decree?    Circuit Court
What are the steps with the courts after a death?  Register of Probate
Who do I talk with for Child Support?    Human Services >Child Support
Who do I talk to about my property taxes?    Treasurer
How do I get registration for my boat or RV ?    DNR website
Does someone know anything about septic systems?    Land Management Sanitary
I would like to order trees through which department?    Land Conservation Tree Ordering
I need to file a restraining order, who would I talk to?  Circuit Court Retraining Orders
Who could answer questions about Social Security benefits?  ADRC
Do you sell plat books? Yes,   Extension
Where do I go far a plat map for my property?    Land Management
How to obtain a Conditional Use permit?    Land Management
How do I get a Conceal and Carry permit? Department of Justice website
Where do I get a copy of my deed to my property    Register of Deeds
How to get married in the Courthouse? County Clerk Marriage
Where do I register to vote? Your municipality- city, town, or village
Where do I get a worker's permit for my teenage child?    High School where your child attends
Who do I contact for winter storage at the Fair Grounds?    Fair Department Winter Storage 715-273-6789  Matt Kelly
Who do I talk to about 4-H?    Extension 715-273-6781
Where do I apply for heating assistance?    Human Services > Economic Support Heating Assistance