Licenses/ Permits

Click HERE for a schedule of fees related to permits and licenses.
(Resolution No. 2015-01)


Dog owners are responsible for purchasing a dog license for all their dogs, to secure the license tags to the dog collar and to keep the dog on their property.
Rabies vaccinations must be current and certified at the time of licensing. Dog license fees are $5 for spayed or neutered dogs and $10 for non-spayed or non-neutered dogs.

Private dog kennel license is required for premises with 4 or 5 dogs. The annual fee is $100.

Commercial dog kennel license is required for premises with 6 or more dogs. The annual fee is $500.

All dogs are to be licensed by January 31st of each year or when they reach the age of five (5) months.

To obtain a dog or kennel license, please contact the Town Treasurer and submit an application form (see forms below). Oak Grove kennel licenses must be approved by the town board.


1 - Land use permits are required for all new structures, any structural changes and additions. To obtain these land use permits and sanitary permits contact the Pierce County Zoning Department at 715.273.6746.

2 - Building permits are required from the Town of Oak Grove. No building of any kind shall be moved within or into the town or no new building or existing structure, including electrical, plumbing or HVAC or any part thereof as defined in section 14.03 shall hereafter be erected, ground broken, enlarged, altered, moved, demolished or used within the town except as herein provided, until a permit therefore shall first have been obtained by the owner or his authorized agent form the Building Inspector.

Building Inspector and Building Permits are obtained by contacting:
AllCroix Inspections, Corp.
1810 Crest View Drive 1C
Hudson, WI 54016
Office: 715.377.2152

To see a list of licensed contractors - click on Professional List


Driveway permits must be obtained prior to land use and building permits. Private access road and driveway applications are available from the Building Inspector, All Croix Inspections, Corp. at 715.377.2152. All new roads and driveways must meet the codes set by the Town Board. All private roads must be built according to town standards.

The Pierce County Zoning office is responsible for assigning addresses and fire numbers.    


If you do not notify the Sheriff's Department (715.273.5051) of when and where you are burning, and someone calls in your fire, you will be charged for the fire call. This applies to fires of all sizes.

It is illegal to burn garbage and painted or treated lumber in Pierce County.

Recreational bonfires are regulated under Town Ordinance 2013-05, which states in part that the fire must be in a pit or ring not more than three feet in diameter or three feet high. Please see entire ordinance here.

The burning of grass and brush is restricted. If you plan to burn, you must first request and receive a permit from either the Town Chair or the designated town supervisor (a phone call is usually sufficient, but you must speak with the town official directly). As of 2020, there is no fee for this Town permit. You must ALSO contact the Sheriff’s Dept. to notify them of your burn plan, and phone the Sheriff’s Dept. again when the burn has been completed.    

OPERATOR’S LICENSE: Click HERE for a Town of Oak Grove OPERATOR’S LICENSE application form (aka “bartender’s license” or “server’s license”). Applications must be submitted to the Clerk and be subsequently approved at a Town Board meeting before a license can be issued; please allow adequate time for processing.

RESPONSIBLE BEVERAGE SERVER Course: Retail license holders and licensed operator/servers must successfully complete this course at least once, prior to receiving a new license. Approved course providers, including online sources, are listed on the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue website (

RETAIL LICENSES: The WI Dept. of Revenue ( provides information on the state laws and requirements related to the retail sale of alcohol and tobacco products. APPLICATION FORMS for retail licenses can be downloaded through the DOR website or obtained through the Town Clerk. Applications must be submitted to the Clerk’s office and approved at a meeting of the Town Board before a license may be issued (including renewal licenses). Applications must be on file in the clerk’s office at least 15 days prior to the board’s approval/issuance of the license; further, public notice of the application must given in a qualified newspaper.


The Town of Oak Grove  and town chair do not currently issue local fireworks permits.