Oak Grove


APRIL 6 ELECTION RESULTS: Town Treasurer: Kim Huppert. Click HERE for full election-night results. Note: All local elections data is reported to the county and posted jointly to the county website; see the County Clerk’s information and click the Elections tab.


  • April 21 OPEN BOOK: Town hall, 6p-8p. Click HERE for details.
  • May 13 Plan Commission: 7:30p. Click HERE for agenda.
  • May 17 Town Board: Click HERE for agenda.
  • May 17 Annual Meeting: 7:00p (precedes regular board meeting). Click HERE for full notice/agenda.
  • May 24 BOARD of REVIEW:  Town hall, 6p-8p. Click HERE for details.

TOWN RECYCLING CENTER:  Area residents may now drop off recycling at the town hall (rear parking lot, self-service bins). Two blends are accepted: clean commingled fibers (flattened cardboard, paper, magazines, phone books, etc. – but not gift-wrap), and commingled containers (glass of any color, plastics #1 and #2, tin and aluminum cans). Also permitted: #5 plastics (e.g., yogurt, sour cream containers). Please rinse all containers, remove caps (metal caps can be recycled), flatten milk jugs, and help keep the area clean. Bins are provided and serviced by the Pierce Co. Solid Waste Dept.

BURN PERMITS: You must contact the Town Chair (715-262-5677) to request a permit in advance of burning brush, grass, etc.  You must ALSO notify the Sheriff’s Dept. (715-273-5051). The Sheriff’s Dept. can also confirm the status of any potential burn bans (when ALL fires are prohibited) or burn restrictions. Click “Permits” (related pages below, left) and see Ord. 2013-05 for complete information.

2021 Roadwork:  TBD. Projects and requests for bids will be advertised May/June.

Ordinance 2021-01, ATV/UTV ROUTES:  ATVS/UTVs may operate on all Town roads (streets and avenues) unless otherwise posted. Click HERE for the official NOTICE. Click HERE for the complete ordinance. All state laws must be followed. Local restrictions for hours and speed also apply. Headlights and taillights must be on at all times. Riding hours end at 8 p.m. during Daylight Savings Time (7 p.m. Standard Time).

Ordinance 2020-02, BUILDING CODE: The building code (Chapter 14 of General Code) has been updated. Click HERE for the official notice (summary of changes). Click HERE for full text of the ordinance.


For assistance with any Animal Control concern— including a lost/found dog, nuisance, or incident—please contact Town Supervisor Debra McClure, 715-262-3345, who coordinates Animal Control for Oak Grove. There is no animal shelter in Pierce County. A valid license tag is required by law and may help reunite strays with their owners. An ID tag with the owner's phone number and/or social-media posts may also help. Useful links include lostdogsofwisconsin.org and the Prescott Police Dept.'s Facebook page. You may also wish to consider using the pet section of Craigslist.

Note: Any dog found stray in Oak Grove may be impounded by order of a town board member, especially if the animal is a nuisance or danger, or a reasonable attempt to reunite the dog and owner has failed.

Oak Grove employs the services of animal humane officer Brit Harmon, Companion Animal Control (715-220-1332); companionanimalcontrol@gmail.com. Animal owners are responsible for all charges and fees related to animal transport by the humane officer, as well as impound/quarantine.

To see Oak Grove’s Animal Control and Kennel ordinance (General code, Chapter 12:04), click HERE. (Dog license forms are available under "Licenses/Permits,"  below, left.)


2020 estimate 2,318

2020 value $337,442,600

Ellsworth & Prescott Schools

The Town of Oak Grove is located on the western edge of Pierce County, Wisconsin. The Town is bordered on the north by the Towns of Clifton and River Falls, on the east by Trimbelle, on the south by the Town of Diamond Bluff, and on the west by the Mississippi River. The City of Prescott lies within the town boundary. The Town of Oak Grove is a rural township with a mix of farmland, woodland, and creeks. Its primary industry is agriculture, which includes dairy, beef, and crop farms and also includes a winery. The town of Oak Grove is gradually becoming more of a residential community as more small tracts are created for housing.


Legal notices including official meeting notices/agendas are posted to the Town’s website and at the Town Hall. The Town does not have an officially designated newspaper.  Supplemental newspaper notices may appear in the county-wide Journal.

Residents are encouraged to attend the Town of Oak Grove meetings. The Town Board regularly meets at the Town Hall on the 3rd Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m. To request that an item be considered for the agenda, please contact the Town Clerk at least 12 days prior to the meeting.

The Annual Town Meeting is typically held the third Tuesday in April - unless the Town's electors vote for a different date within 10 days of the third Tuesday (at the previous Annual Meeting). Each elector present at the annual meeting may vote to decide certain issues (under Wis. Statutes 60.10), including salary changes (by immediate show of hands or other tally).

Some decisions are advisory to the board. In addition, the residents who attend:

  • Review the prior year's financial report and business report
  • Hear the road work report
  • Set the date for the next annual meeting
  • Discuss issues and concerns regarding the township

The annual budget hearing/special town meeting is held in November. At this meeting, the residents of the town:

  • Approve the proposed budget for the next year
  • Adopt the town tax levy
  • Authorize highway expenditures


Oak Grove's Planning Commission includes the town chair (Jerry Kosin), one appointed supervisor (Hichelle Huber), and 5 appointed citizen members: James Boles, Mary Bolin, Nate Green, Mark Hildebrandt, and Ben Huppert. Citizen members serve three-year terms commencing in May of 2020. The appointed supervisor shall be elected by a two-thirds vote of the board each April (OG Code Sec. 1.20). The planning commission regularly meets the second Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall. Please contact the town clerk at least 15 days prior to a meeting to request that an item be added to the agenda.