Land Management / Zoning

Mission Statement
To promote a higher quality of life for current and future residents of Pierce County through the exercise of sound planning and zoning by administering and enforcing county land use plans, the zoning and subdivision code and other development regulations in a fair, efficient, effective and professional manner.

Planning - Responsible for short-and long-range planning, computer mapping/GIS, land records modernization, uniform address system, remonumentation, and survey review. Serves as County Land Information Office.

Zoning - The zoning office issues sanitary and land use permits along with administering land use ordinances, such as floodplain, shoreland, wetland, subdivision and St. Croix Riverway.

Permit Required
A land use permit from our office is required for the construction, re-construction, placement, and alteration of structures that are 6 inches or greater above the ground, even if they are temporary. A permit is also needed for structural alternations, which includes adding square footage or altering the roofline/ height, new location of existing structure within your property and change of the use. This includes structures such as dwellings, garages, sheds, shipping containers, decks, signs, pools, garden sheds, etc.

Structures that can be easily moved and are under 100 square feet are exempt from permitting, but still need to meet setbacks.

A permit is needed for the operation of businesses out of your home or accessory structure. Please contact our office regarding business operations.

A Sanitary permit is needed before the permitting and construction of a new dwelling/ principle structure. It is also needed if you are adding a bathroom or proposing running water inside a new or existing accessory structure.

Please call or email our office with any questions or to determine if your location, proposed use and size requires a permit. Or proceed to the “Zoning” link below for more information and application forms.

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