Land Conservation


DUTIES: Offers technical and financial assistance for soil and water conservation practices, farmland preservation, tree sales, deer damage claims, and other related soil and water conservation programs.
Pierce County Land and Water Resource Management Plan

Farmland Preservation Program:
Landowners in designated Farmland Preservation areas who meet state soil and water conservation standards are eligible to claim an annual state income tax credit.
Visit: Our NWAEA Program page

No Till Image

Celebrating 1,000 dams in Pierce County
No Till Drill Rental:
Great Plains Model 1006NT 10’ drill 

If you are interested in further private well testing or have other questions about groundwater the Center for Watershed Science and Education at UW-Stevens Point is a great resource.

Want to know more about your private well? Search the DNR well log records here

Well Water Testing Locations   - The Land Conservation Dept. now offers test kits from the UW-SP Water Education and Analysis Lab. If interested please contact our office.

2022 Groundwater testing results presentation
2021 Groundwater testing results presentation

2019 Groundwater Sampling results (Oak Grove, Clifton, and River Falls)

Well & Water System Disinfection Information

USDA Reopens Continuous CRP/CREP Signup

Learn more about CRP here

How can the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) benefit you? Check out this short video to learn more about CREP:

For additional information visit the DATCP CREP information website or contact our office.

Annual Tree Sale:
2022-23 Tree Order form

If you missed out on this year's tree sale and would like to be added to the mailing list please contact the office.

Interested in borrowing a tree planter? 

Reforester Tree Planter Rental Agreement, Checklist, and Guidelines

Once you have the date your trees are arriving contact the office to be added to the rental list.

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  • Residue Management Choices
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  • Farm Buffers
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  • Manure Management Choices
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  • What Farmers Need to Know about NR151
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  • Animal Waste Impoundment Permit Application
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  • Pierce County Animal Waste Storage Ordinance
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  • Cost Share Application
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  • Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative
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  • Pierce County Web Soil Survey
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