Aging and Disability Human Services ADRC 273-6780
Birth Certificates Register of Deeds 273-6748
Child Support Assist Child Support 273-6764
Computer Mapping/GIS Land Management 273-6746
Counseling Human Services 273-6770
Court Actions Clerk of Court 273-6741
Death Certificates Register of Deeds 273-6748
Divorce Papers Clerk of Court 273-6741
DMV Services Sheriff's Dept 273-5051
Dog License Information County Clerk 273-6744
Election Information County Clerk 273-6744
Education and Information Extension 273-6781
Environmental Health Public Health 273-6755
Financial Assistance Economic Support 273-6788
Fishing Licenses County Clerk 273-6744
Foreclosure Sales Sheriff's Dept 273-5051
GIS/Computer Mapping Land Management 273-6746
Hunting Licenses County Clerk 273-6744
Immunizations & Records Public Health 273-6755
Juror's Line Clerk of Court 273-6740
Land Information Land Management 273-6746
Land Use Permits Land Management 273-6746
Manure Storage Permits Land Conservation 273-6763
Marriage Certificates Register of Deeds 273-6748
Marriage Applications County Clerk 273-6744
Medical Assistance Economic Support 273-6788
Mental Health Asst. Human Services 273-6770
Mortgage Satisfactions Register of Deeds 273-6748
Passports County Clerk 273-6744
Payment of Fines Clerk of Court 273-6741
Plat or Certified Survey Maps Register of Deeds 273-6748
Real Estate Documents Register of Deeds 273-6748
Real Estate Taxes Treasurer 273-6743
Recycling Solid Waste/Recycling 273-3092
Reproductive Health Public Health 425-8003
Restraining Orders Clerk of Court 273-6741
Sanitary Permits Land Management 273-6746
Shooting Range Schedule Parks Dept. 715-639-5611
Small Claims  Clerk of Court 273-6741
Survey Maps Land Management 273-6746
Tax Deeds County Clerk 273-6744
Vehicle Tabs Sheriff's Dept 273-6800
WIC Services Public Health 273-6758