Human Services

The Department of Human Services is dedicated to helping Pierce County residents achieve their full potential as individuals, as family members, and as members of the community.

We believe that anyone facing difficult personal, family, or social problems, or crises that interfere with that achievement, deserves immediate attention, understanding, compassion and assistance.

Our work is done with the knowledge that everyone needs help and special understanding at some time in their life, and we believe that no one need ever hesitate to ask for it.

Our commitment to public service is founded on the belief that each individual we help to achieve self-fulfillment and independence will in turn help others and strengthen our community.

Our staff provides a wide range of services designed to help Pierce County residents deal with social and economic difficulties, mental health problems, alcohol and drug abuse, physical and developmental disabilities, child neglect/abuse, and aging.

We are concerned with the well-being of county residents, not only as administrators and staff of the Department of Human Services, but as members of the Pierce County community.

It is our policy to accept all clients without regard to handicap, race, age, religion, sex, physical condition, developmental disability, national origin or sexual orientation.

We now have two document(s) drop boxes for your convenience.

Drop boxes are located on the outside of the Pierce County Office Building.  These boxes are located on the lower East door (ADRC Entrance, Door 0-2) as well as the main level south door (facing the courthouse, Door 0-4).