Key Contacts

ACCESS—Online Tool at

  • See what health, nutrition and other programs you may be able to get
  • Apply for FoodShare, BadgerCare Plus, and Medicaid
  • Check the status of your benefits (for example: what health care plan you are enrolled, the amount of FoodShare benefits)
  • Report changes (example, new address or job)
  • Replace your lost or damaged ForwardHealth card
  • Renew your benefits and submit your FoodShare/Child Care Six-Month Report forms

FoodShare, Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus for Families Member Services—1.800.362.3002

  • Premiums
  • Covered Services and Copayments
  • Health Insurance Premium Payments
  • Find a Provider
  • Replace your ForwardHealth Card

Local Agency 715.273.6788 or

  • Apply for benefits
  • Complete a renewal
  • Questions about eligibility and enrollment rules

Great Rivers Call Center or —1.888.283.0012

  • Report changes online or by phone
  • General questions
  • Apply for FoodShare, BadgerCare Plus, Medicaid & ChildCare
  • Cancel or Reschedule Appointments

Centralized Document Processing Unit—1.855.293.1822

  • Report changes or send proof/verification by fax using a Document Tracking Sheet (DTS) —members receive a Document Tracking Sheet (DTS) in the mail as part of a request for information, or they can obtain a DTS by logging in to their ACCESS account at and printing one.

FoodShare Members

Quest Customer Services—1.877.415.5164

  • General information about your card
  • To report a lost, stolen or damaged card
  • Replace your QUEST card

Members Enrolled in an HMO
HMO Enrollment Specialist—1.800.291.2002
HMO Ombudsman—1.800.760.0001


Call 1.800.657.2038 or 711 (TTY)* if you:

  • Want to apply for SeniorCare,
  • Have questions about your application,
  • Need to report a change, or
  • Have questions about your SeniorCare card.

Consumer Guides and other information about programs and services provide through the Department of Health Services can be found at or