Emergency Management

Mission Statement: The mission of the Pierce County Emergency Management Department is to reduce injuries and property damage during natural and man-made incidents/disasters through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery..

Duties:  The EM office assists the public, county and municipal officials by planning for, responding to and aiding in recovery from natural and man-made disasters and emergencies.  The dispatch center serves as a 24-hour emergency point of contact and receives and dispatches 911 and non-emergency calls for all public safety services including law enforcement, fire and EMS response countywide.

Emergency Alert Banner

In case of an incident at Prairie Island Nuclear Plant, you can find information at:

Xcel Energy, Nuclear Emergency Preparedness

Pierce County Plan  (Adobe reader required to view)
(Policies and procedures that will be followed in response to an incidence at the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant)

Reception Center Information   (Adobe reader required to view
(Purpose and Responsibilities of the Reception Center)

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