Circuit Court

DUTIES: The Clerk of Courts office maintains the files for Criminal, Civil, Small Claims, Traffic, Family and Paternity Cases. State Tax Liens, garnishments, construction liens, petitions for Occupational Drivers license (HTO), legal name changes and restraining order petitions are filed in the Clerk of Courts office. Jury service is also handled by the Clerk of Courts office.

The Courts and the Clerk of Court office are open to the public

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Local Court Rules

In Civil Matters, The Clerk:

  • files all documents received in each file from the opening of the file until disposition
  • executes judgments
  • Guide to Small Claims
  • Self Representation in Small Claims

In Family Matters, The Clerk:

In Criminal Matters, The Clerk:

  • keeps and files all documents pertaining to defendants charged with crimes
  • collects fines and penalties imposed upon adjudication
  • keeps minute entries for all court hearings
  • prepares Court orders per the order of the Judges, including County Jail and Prison sentences
  • notifies parties of hearing date

In Traffic Matters, The Clerk:

  • files and data enters all traffic tickets for Pierce County, State Patrol, and various municipalities
  • collects fines, forfeitures and penalties
  • prepares notices of disposition to Motor Vehicle Department
  • sends notices of suspension upon failure to
  • pay monies due
  • Department of Transportation

The Clerk Also Has The Responsibility To:

  • prepare and summon jurors for jury duty
  • prepare and file appeals with Appellate and Supreme Courts
  • keep a record of officers appointed including Court Commissioners, Deputy Sheriffs, Deputy Clerks of Court, Court Reporters, and Family Court Commissioners
  • assist the Court in appointing six Condemnation Commissioners for Pierce County
  • prepare and keep accurate Court calendars
  • dockets judgments and liens and Wisconsin Delinquent Income Tax Warrants

Payment of fines or forfeitures may be made by cash (if paying in person), personal check,cashier's check, or money order. Payments can be made in person or mailed to:

Clerk of Court
PO Box 129
Ellsworth, WI 54011

To make payment via credit or debit card go to or call 888-604-7888. Pay Location Code: 4033  Internet Service Fee = 3.5% (minimum $3.50) Phone Service Fee = 4.75% (minimum $5.00)

Legal Resources:

A Free Legal Clinic sponsored by the State Bar of Wisconsin and the St. Croix Valley Bar Association is held on the Fourth Wednesday of each month.  The clinic is held via phone with volunteer attorneys between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Please call the Clerk of Court Office or check the Facebook page to obtain current information for the month.

Wisconsin Judicare, Inc.  Phone 1-800-472-1638
Wisconsin State Law Library  Phone 1-800-322-9755
State Bar of Wisconsin Lawyer Referral and Information Service  Phone 1-800-362-9082

Jury Service

Jury After Hours Number: 715-273-6740
A person is eligible for jury service in Pierce County once every 4 years.
Pierce County jurors are randomly selected from the Department of Transportation's list which contains residents with a Wisconsin driver's license or identification card.
Jurors will receive a letter informing them of future jury service approximately one month in advance of their service. If a juror has vacation plans, doctors appointments, or other problems serving during the month chosen, they should contact the Clerk of Court's Office immediately by calling 715-273-6741. A juror may be excused for those days in which they have a conflict or may have their service delayed to a later month if the request is made prior to receiving a summons.
Because some jury trials settle prior to the court date, jurors will be asked to call our jury after hours number (715-273-6740) the night before they are scheduled to appear to confirm that their service is still required for the following day.
For more general jury information see the Wisconsin Court System's web site at:

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