Pierce County Public Health Kicks Off Vaccine Distribution

Pierce County Public Health Kicks Off Vaccine Distribution in Pierce County; Vaccinates Local 
EMS and Pharmacy Staff
Pierce County Public Health vaccinated 60 local EMS and pharmacy workers today with the first dose of the
COVID-19 Moderna vaccine.
“This is a great way to end 2020. Vaccines are the way to a better, brighter 2021. We are incredibly proud of
the work we’ve done this year to protect our community, and we look forward to continue leading our
community through this pandemic,” said Dianne H-Robinson, Public Health Nursing Manager.
More than 2,800 people in Pierce County have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since March, and 34 Pierce
County residents have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19 infection. Only two vaccines, Moderna and
Pfizer, have received emergency use authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration. Both vaccines
require two doses and are estimated to be 95% effective. Both vaccines have had to progress through
vigorous safety trials to receive approval. The state of Wisconsin has provided permission to vaccinators to
provide vaccine only for healthcare workers and long term care facility staff and residents at this time.
“We have plans to vaccinate more healthcare workers in the near future. No serious adverse events have been
reported of those who were vaccinated today,” said Jennifer Hipple, Public Health Planning and Emergency
Preparedness Specialist.
Vaccinations for COVID-19 are not yet available to the general public. Pierce County Public Health requests
residents’ patience while healthcare workers and long-term care facility staff and residents are prioritized for
the limited vaccine that is currently available.