Dog owners are responsible for purchasing a dog license for all their dogs, to secure the license tags to the dog collar and to keep the dog on their property. A non-licensed, untagged, dog running at large will be taken to the Goodhue County Human Society at the owner's expense.

Rabies vaccinations must be current and certified at the time of licensing. Dog license fees are $10 for spayed or neutered dogs and $15 for non-spayed or non-neutered dogs; private dog kennel $50; Commercial dog kennel variable rate depending on number of dogs. All dogs are to be licensed by April 1st of each year or when they reach the age of five (5) months.

Contact the Town Treasurer if you have questions on licensing your dogs.

Dog License Form


All Croix Inspections Corp.
1810 Crestview Dr., #1C
Hudson, WI 54016
Phone: 715.377.2152

Building permits may be obtained from the town's building inspector. When considering the erection of a structure, consult the building inspector to see if a permit is required. All new buildings require State permits which can be obtained from the building inspector as well.


Driveway permits must be obtained prior to land use and building permits. Driveway application fee of $200 is due when the application is submitted. Driveways must meet the codes set by the Town Board. All private roads must be built according to town standards.

Driveway Permit

The Pierce County Zoning office is responsible for assigning addresses and fire numbers.


It is illegal to burn garbage and painted or treated lumber in Pierce County. The town does not issue burning permits, but if you plan to burn, notify the Pierce County Solid Waste Department at 715.273.3092, the town chair or one of the supervisors AND the Ellsworth Fire Department (715.273.4653) AND call the Pierce County Sheriff's Department (715.273.5051) to let them know when and what you are burning. If you do not notify the Sheriff's Department and someone calls in your fire, you will be charged for the fire call.