Waste/ Recycling

Town of Martell Recycling Center
Location: 780th Ave. (1/4 mile East of Hwy. 63)
Hours: Saturday's 8:00am to Noon


Dumpsters are available for garbage/waste disposal at the Recycling Center. This service is for MARTELL RESIDENTS ONLY. Residents must purchase a $3.50 ($4.50 beginning Jan. 1st, 2024) stickered bag or tag which is obtained on site. A standard 30-gallon bag full of garbage requires one tag.


Recyclables may be placed in the recycling bins at anytime. These bins are located at the closed landfill site. There is no charge for recycling. Please follow the guidelines in the Pierce County Recycling Guide Pamphlet located on a board near the recycling bins. Please take the time to place your recyclable in the correct bin.

Note: The $25 County Solid Waste fee on your tax statement goes directly to Pierce County.