Waste/ Recycling

Please properly dispose of your wastes through one of the many opportunities listed below. It is illegal to burn garbage in Pierce County. If you have questions about waste disposal or recycling in Pierce County, contact the Town Clerk or the Pierce County solid Waste/Recycling Department.


Dumpsters are available for waste disposal at the Gilman Town Hall on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This service is for GILMAN RESIDENTS ONLY. Residents must purchase a $20.00 dump ticket, which allows for 5 bags of garbage (1 punch on card = $4.00 per bag). A standard 30-gallon bag full of garbage requires one punch.


Recyclables may be placed in the recycling bins at anytime. These bins are located at the Town Hall. There is no charge for recycling. Please follow the guidelines in the Pierce County Recycling Guide pamphlet located on a board near the recycling bins. Please take the time to place your recyclables in the correct bin. Detailed recycling information can be found in the Pierce County Recycling Guide Pamphlet.


First Friday and Saturday in May, GILMAN RESIDENTS can dispose of metals, and other non-hazardous materials in the large dumpsters available during Big Dumpster Days. Pickup loads cost $35 and car loads are $20. Tire costs depend on size. If you are unable to wait or attend Big Dumpster Days you can also contact Pierce County Solid Waste Department, (715) 273-3092, for their hours.

The Town of Gilman does not accept hazardous wastes, pesticides, wet paint, motor oil, lead batteries, antifreeze, infections wastes or poisonous gases. The Pierce County Solid Waste Department will periodically have collections for these types of items.

Note: The $25 County Solid Waste fee on your tax statement goes directly to Pierce County.