Services & Fees


Jointly owned by the Town of Gilman, the Town of Cady, the Town of Spring Lake and the Village of Spring Valley, the ambulance service is self financed. The Town of Gilman has a contract with the village of Spring Valley for the services of the Spring Valley Fire Department. Every response to a fire within the Town of Gilman is billed to the township. The township then bills the property owner.

The Spring Valley Fire Department, Emergency Medical Team and the first Responders are all volunteers. Many residents of the Town of Gilman serve as an EMT or First Responder. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to these volunteers who dedicate their time to help others.


The town encourages residents to use private services for driveway maintenance. We are not in the business of plowing, sanding or grading driveways, but understand an occasional need for these services. Any requests for snow plowing, sanding, or grading will be done AFTER the town roads.


  • Snow plowing - $70 for first 15 min. and an additional $1.00 per minute after 15 min.
  • Sanding - $35.00 per service
  • Grading - $1.00 per minute
  • Request for copies of public records - $.25 per page
  • NSF charges - $15.00