How do I contact animal control?

Call Companion Animal Control at (715) 220-1332 or complete a contact form on the website

Established in 2011, Companion Animal Control serves more than 30 cities/towns within Pierce County, WI, St. Croix County, WI and Washington County, MN.  Companion Animal Control responds to hundreds of calls each year to help animals, working closely with law enforcement to keep your community safe by responding to pick up stray animals, investigate concerns of cruelty/neglect, nuisance complaints and dog bites. 

On the website you can find:

  • Photos and descriptions of all animals impounded
  • Steps to take if you’ve lost your pet
  • Steps to take if you’ve found an animal
  • Details about CAC & services provided
  • Resources such as spay/neuter services, dog training, community cat information
  • List of impound partners
  • List of rescue partners

Town of Gilman recommended conditions for approval of the Western Mustang Solar, LLC Conditional Use Permit Application <<More Info>>

For all interested Townspeople, here is a link to information about the proposed Western Mustang Solar installation Western Mustang Solar | A Ranger Power Project

The Conditional Use Permit Application is here

Next regular meeting: Meeting will be held Wednesday, May 12th at 7:00pm.


2020 estimate 1,014

2020 value $105,941,800

Ellsworth & Spring Valley

Gilman Township is located in the northeast corner of Pierce County, Wisconsin. It is bordered by the Town of Spring Lake, Town of Martell, Town of El Paso and St. Croix County. Gilman Township is a rural Township comprised of a mix of farmland, woodland and creeks, It's primary industry is agriculture, which includes dairy, beef and crop farms; and specialty farms including an elk farm, an apple orchard, and greenhouse and nursery operations. It is a picturesque area of Northwest Wisconsin, with lots of recreational opportunities available nearby, from hiking and camping to hunting and fishing.


Detailed notices of meetings and events held in the township are published in the Spring Valley Sun-Argus, the summarized versions are published in the Valley Values. Notices are also posted at the Town Hall and Team Oil.

Residents are encouraged to attend all Gilman Township meetings. Regular monthly meetings for the Town Board are normally held at the Town Hall on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. If there's something you wish to discuss at the meeting, please contact the Town Clerk so it can be properly placed on the agenda.

Effective in 2013, the annual meeting will be held the third Tuesday in April. At this meeting the resident of the town:

  • Review the financial report
  • Set the date for the next annual meeting
  • Hear the prior year and current year road work report
  • Decide on dust control methods
  • Designate the official depository
  • Express concerns within the township

The annual budget hearing/special town meeting is held in November. At this meeting the resident of the town:

  • Approve the proposed budget for the next year
  • Adopt the town tax levy
  • Authorize highway expenditures
  • May set the town board members salary for the next term