Description Fee
Form Packets $10.00
Inventory Fee:
a) assets of $10,000 or less and for guardianship/conservatorships with assets under $50,000.
b) estates assets over $10,000 and guardianships/conservatorships assets over $50,000
a) $20.00
b) .2% of inventory
Certification $3.00
Copies (and comparing) $1.00per page
Filing a claim against estate $3.00
Searching for files or records $4.00
Wills for safekeeping $10.00
Exemplifications $9.00+ copy fee
Termination of Life Estate $3.00
Certification of Judgement or Descent See inventory filing fee above
Grandparent or Step-Parent Visitation Action $60.00
Objection to Probate of Will $20.00
Health Care Power of Attorney/Declaration to Physicians (Living Will) $8.00