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Publications42 documents

  • Vaccine form for 12+ Moderna
    document _recordid 994
  • Large Event Planning Tool
    document _recordid 980
  • 2021 Annual Report
    document _recordid 975
  • Vacunas Peditricas de COVID-19: Respuestas a las Preocupaciones de los Padres
    document _recordid 957
  • Next Steps: After you receive the COVID-19 vaccine
    document _recordid 956
  • After COVID-19 Booster/Additional Dose
    document _recordid 955
  • After Completing COVID-19 Vaccine Series
    document _recordid 954
  • Child 5-11 years of age COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form
    document _recordid 953
  • Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccines: Answers to Parent Concerns
    document _recordid 949
  • Who is Eligible for a COVID-19 Pfizer Booster Dose?
    document _recordid 937
  • COVID-19 Workplace Next Steps
    document _recordid 919
  • Privacy Practices Notice
    document _recordid 918
  • After Completing COVID-19 Vaccine Series
    document _recordid 913
  • When Fully Vaccinated You Can...
    document _recordid 890
  • COVID-19 Child Vaccine Consent Form - English
    document _recordid 889
  • COVID-19 Adult Vaccine Administration Record - Spanish
    document _recordid 888
  • COVID-19 Adult Vaccine Administration Record - English
    document _recordid 887
  • COVID-19 Child Vaccine Consent Form - Spanish
    document _recordid 884
  • Do You Want to Keep Playing Club Sports?
    document _recordid 870
  • Truth Behind the Infertility Myth COVID-19 Vaccines
    document _recordid 866
  • Masks are Important in Schools
    document _recordid 864
  • 2020 Annual Report
    document _recordid 863
  • Face Mask Advisory Order Frequently Asked Questions, 4.1.2021
    document _recordid 859
    document _recordid 858
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations Frequently Asked Questions
    document _recordid 857
  • COVID-19 Vaccines: Truth about Fertility
    document _recordid 854
  • Large Public Events Planning Tool
    document _recordid 849
  • Those Fully Vaccinated in Non-Healthcare Settings
    document _recordid 847
  • COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing FAQ's
    document _recordid 844
  • Quarantine After Vaccination
    document _recordid 842
  • Vaccine Clinic FAQ's
    document _recordid 822
  • Rollout of Vaccine
    document _recordid 819
  • Access to Care 2014
    document _recordid 464
  • CARES Family Needs Survey
    document _recordid 463
  • Pierce County Health Department Annual Report
    document _recordid 462
  • Lactation Resources - Pierce and St. Croix Counties
    document _recordid 461
  • Pierce County Strategic Plan 2016-2018
    document _recordid 460
  • Flu Mist Option Not Recommended for 2016-17 Influenza Season
    document _recordid 459
  • CHIP 2016
    document _recordid 458
  • 2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan
    document _recordid 457
  • 2018 Annual Report
    document _recordid 456
  • 2019 Annual Report
    document _recordid 455

Media Releases78 documents

  • Protect Yourself this Respiratory Illness Season - Vaccine Info
    document _recordid 1334
    This is the first respiratory illness season in which COVID-19, RSV, and influenza vaccines are available. Protect your family from missed work and school and potentially severe illness by getting vaccinated.
  • Pierce County Awards 7 Grantees
    document _recordid 1287
    Pierce County Awards 7 Grantees a Portion of Public Health American Rescue Plan Act Funding to Support Community-Lead Built Environment Projects
  • Pierce County Receives Outstanding Board of Health Award
    document _recordid 1272
    The Pierce County Board of Health was recently named Board of Health of the Year by the Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards (WALHDAB) for encouraging partnerships and innovation and for their steadfast support of public health staff.
  • Pierce County Health Alert
    document _recordid 1268
    People with heart or lung disease, older adults, children, and teens – take these steps to reduce your exposure: • Avoid strenuous outdoor activities. • Keep outdoor activities short. • Consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them.
  • Pierce County Public Health Free Care Seat Inspection Clinic
    document _recordid 1265
  • Pierce County Public Health Announces 2023 Public Health Heroes
    document _recordid 1223
  • Vaping Use Decreasing Among Pierce County Youth
    document _recordid 1211
  • Building a Healthy Environment for All Pierce County Residents - Public Health Establishes Community Grant Opportunity
    document _recordid 1202
  • Pierce County Public Health Staff Member Recognized as Wisconsin's "Community Star" on National Rural Health Day
    document _recordid 1166
  • Blue-Green Algae
    document _recordid 996
  • Pierce County Public Health Marks Completion of Pilot Innovation Grant to Support the Social and Emotional Development of Children Under Age 3
    document _recordid 981
  • Pierce County Public Health Will Not Contact All COVID-19 Cases, Asks Residents to Take Responsibility for Household Quarantine and Isolation
    document _recordid 969
  • Pierce County Public Health Alerts Residents of Critically High Cases and Extremely Limited Hospital Capacity, Urges Vaccinations and Additional Precautions
    document _recordid 959
    Urges Vaccinations and Additional Precautions
  • Pierce County Public Health and Local Doctor Support Recommendation for Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccinations of Children 5-11 Years Old
    document _recordid 950
  • Pierce County Public Health Begins Offering COVID-19 Booster Shots, Q&A on Boosters with a Public Health Nurse
    document _recordid 947
  • 190 Reported COVID-19 Cases in Pierce County School Children During First Month of 2021-22 School Year
    document _recordid 941
  • UPDATED TESTING AVAILABILITY TIMES: Ellsworth COVID-19 Community Testing Site
    document _recordid 933
  • Pierce County Public Health urges the public to mask indoors
    document _recordid 916

202111 documents

  • 9.10.21 - Close Contact Press Release.pdf
    document _recordid 923
  • Pierce County Public Health Hits Milestone of 100 Mass Vaccination Clinics
    document _recordid 898
  • Pierce County Public Health Replaces Mask Advisory Order with Recommendations
    document _recordid 891
    document _recordid 881
  • Pierce County Public Health Offers Free, Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics in Your Community in May
    document _recordid 875
  • With Vaccine Supply Still Limited and Newly Identified Strains of COVID-19 in the Region, Pierce County Public Health Requires Masks to Be Worn in Indoor, Public Spaces
    document _recordid 860
  • Pierce County Public Health Completes First Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics for K-12 School Districts in Pierce County
    document _recordid 852
  • Pierce County Public Health Allows Mass Gathering Advisory Order to Expire, Continues to Urge Caution while Vaccinations are Scaled-Up
    document _recordid 843
  • Pierce County Public Health Extends Mass Gathering Limitations, Asks the Community to Remain Vigilant and Continue Prevention Measures While Priority Populations are Vaccinated
    document _recordid 830
  • Public Health Advisory Order Restricting Pubic Gatherings Sizes
    document _recordid 829
  • Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties Partner with Local Healthcare Providers to Administer COVID-19 Vaccines
    document _recordid 824

202014 documents

  • January is National Radon Month
    document _recordid 487
  • Managing Stress During COVID-19 3.18.2020
    document _recordid 485
  • Why are we social distancing?
    document _recordid 483
  • COVID-19 FAQ's 3.19.20
    document _recordid 482
  • 03/22/2020 COVID-19 Press Release
    document _recordid 481
  • STAY at HOME Order
    document _recordid 480
  • FAQ's on Safer at Home Order from Governor Evers
    document _recordid 479
  • Food Resources during COVID-19
    document _recordid 474
  • Call to Action 05-15-2020
    document _recordid 472
  • Public Health Advisory 05-15-2020
    document _recordid 470
  • Pierce County Public Health and City of River Falls Announce COVID-19 Outbreak in Apartment Complex
    document _recordid 468
  • Pierce County Public Health Sees a Doubling of Positive Cases in a Week-Urges Caution 5-28-2020
    document _recordid 467
  • WINS 2020 & COVID-19
    document _recordid 466
  • Covid-19 Business Toolkit: Preparing to Reopen Safely, Responsibly and Confidently
    document _recordid 465

20195 documents

  • Tips on Staying Safe & Healthy in the Cold
    document _recordid 497
  • WINS
    document _recordid 495
  • Wisconsin WINS 2019 Results
    document _recordid 493
  • Well Water Testing Event
    document _recordid 492
  • E-Cigarettes & Lung Disease Outbreak
    document _recordid 490

20187 documents

  • Healthiest & Least Healthy Counties in Wisconsin
    document _recordid 511
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
    document _recordid 510
  • Minnesota Provider Changes for Wisconsin Medicaid Recipients
    document _recordid 509
  • Pierce County Bird Tests Positive for West Nile Virus
    document _recordid 507
  • Public Health Nurse Take On State Leadership Position
    document _recordid 504
  • E-Cigarettes
    document _recordid 502
  • Keep Everyone Safe - Dispose of Sharps Properly
    document _recordid 501

20163 documents

  • Potential Health Impacts of Industrial Sand Mining in Western Wisconsin
    document _recordid 515
  • Final Rule Will Allow FDA More Regulating Authority
    document _recordid 514
  • West Nile Positive Bird
    document _recordid 513

20156 documents

  • HPV Grant Funding
    document _recordid 522
  • Immunization Protects Us All
    document _recordid 521
  • Pierce Co. Health Dept. Passes Review by State Officials
    document _recordid 520
  • Pierce Co. Health Dept. Awarded National Accreditation
    document _recordid 519
  • Local Tobacco Retailer Checks Expand to Include E-Cigarettes
    document _recordid 518
  • Local Team Selected to Participate in the Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute
    document _recordid 517

20146 documents

  • Another Year - Another Round
    document _recordid 543
  • Breastfeeding - A Winning Goal For Life!
    document _recordid 541
  • Bike Racks in Pierce County
    document _recordid 539
  • Pierce Among Wisconsin's Healthiest Counties
    document _recordid 537
  • What's In Your Cup?
    document _recordid 534
  • Pierce County Health Department Ready to Respond to Ebola
    document _recordid 532

20137 documents

  • Wisconsin Shares
    document _recordid 556
  • West Nile Virus
    document _recordid 554
  • WIC (Women, Infants & Children)
    document _recordid 551
  • World No Tobacco Day
    document _recordid 550
  • Dental Health Program
    document _recordid 549
  • Community Health Assessment
    document _recordid 548
  • Allina Health Grant
    document _recordid 546

20121 document

  • Radon Action Month
    document _recordid 559

Local Health Data14 documents

  • YRBS Pierce County
    document _recordid 1185
  • Substance Use Trends in Pierce County
    document _recordid 1184
  • 2023-2025 Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan
    document _recordid 1002
  • Household Quarantine and Isolation Expectations
    document _recordid 968
  • WI Wins
    document _recordid 574
  • Wisconsin County Health Rankings
    document _recordid 573
  • Wisconsin Health Statistics
    document _recordid 572
  • Pierce County Hunger By The Numbers
    document _recordid 571
  • Pierce County Poverty Status and Insurance Coverage
    document _recordid 570
  • Pierce County Local Health Data
    document _recordid 568
  • 2016 CHNA Additional Data
    document _recordid 566
  • 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
    document _recordid 564
  • 2016 County Health Ranking
    document _recordid 562
  • Pierce County Groundwater & Well Water Education Program-2019
    document _recordid 560