Licensing and Inspection

To file a complaint against any licensed facility in Pierce County, contact the health department at:
715-273-6755 or or
Pierce County Health Department
ATTN: Licensing
412 W Kinne Street, PO Box 238
Ellsworth, WI  54011

Building or Remodeling

Prior to building or remodeling a licensed facility in Pierce County, please contact the health department for plan review. A facility license application is required for all new establishments and available by calling the health department at 715-273-6755.

Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 254.61 - Lodging and Food Protection

Pierce County Ordinance Chapter 184 – Retail Food Establishments and Public Accommodations

Retail Food, Mobile, and Temporary Food Facilities

Vending Machines and Commissaries

Public Swimming Pools


Recreational/Educational Camps

Hotel, Motel and Tourist Rooming House

Bed and Breakfast

Tattoo and Body Piercing (Body Art)