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The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program is committed to serving children under the age of 3 with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. We value the family’s primary relationship with their child and work in partnership with the family. We work to enhance the child’s development and support the family’s knowledge, skills and abilities as they interact with and raise their child.

The Birth to Three Program provides services to children, ages birth to three, who have at least a 25% developmental delay. Services including physical, occupational, speech therapy, and educational instruction to parents, are provided primarily in the home and day care setting. Pierce County contracts with St. Croix Therapy to provide services.

The first three years of life are very important for any child’s future.   We know that so much learning and growth happens in the first three years of life.  The Birth to 3 Program provides support to families of children with developmental delays or disabilities under the age of three.

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