Comprehensive Plan

Pierce County Comprehensive Plan


The Pierce County Comprehensive Plan was developed through a public participation and review process and is intended to be reflective of the values, goals, and vision of the residents and communities that comprise Pierce County.

The Pierce County Comprehensive Plan is not intended to pre-empt local comprehensive plans developed under Wis. Stats. 66.1001. Rather, the plan is intended to be a framework or “toolbox” which can provide local communities with concepts and ideas to implement the objectives set forth in their own localized comprehensive plans while still maintaining a coordinated and consistent vision with the Pierce County Plan.

The “Context” document discusses how Pierce County’s Comprehensive Plan will be applied to land use decisions on a county-wide basis, as well as how the plan will apply in cases where a town under county zoning has, or has not, adopted a town specific comprehensive plan.

Context for Discussion of Pierce County’s Comprehensive Plan
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Completed Town Comprehensive Plans16 documents

  • Clifton
    document Header Clifton
  • Ellsworth
    document Header Ellsworth
  • Ellsworth 2023 Update
    document Header Ellsworth 2023 Update
  • Ellsworth Ord No. 23-02 Update
    document Header Ellsworth Ord No. 23-02 Update
  • Gilman
    document Header Gilman
  • Hartland
    document Header Hartland
  • Isabelle
    document Header Isabelle
  • Maiden Rock
    document Header Maiden Rock
  • Martell
    document Header Martell
  • Oak Grove
    document Header Oak Grove
  • River Falls
    document Header River Falls
  • Rock Elm
    document Header Rock Elm
  • Salem
    document Header Salem
  • Spring Lake
    document Header Spring Lake
  • Trenton
    document Header Trenton
  • Trimbelle
    document Header Trimbelle

Comprehensive Plan Document15 documents

  • 2009 Pierce County Comprehensive Plan
    document Header 2009 Pierce County Comprehensive Plan
  • 2015 Update-Pierce County Comprehensive Plan
    document Header 2015 Update-Pierce County Comprehensive Plan
  • Memorandum - Trends/Survey
    document Header Memorandum - Trends/Survey
    Appendix C
  • Memorandum - Vision/Issue Identification
    document Header Memorandum - Vision/Issue Identification
    Appendix D
  • Ordinance 09-02
    document Header Ordinance 09-02
    Appendix F
  • Public Participation Plan
    document Header Public Participation Plan
    Appendix B
  • Resolution 09-01
    document Header Resolution 09-01
    Appendix E

Other Documents2 documents

  • Background Information and Statistical Analysis
    document Header Background Information and Statistical Analysis
  • Community Attitudes Survey
    document Header Community Attitudes Survey

Appendix A - Maps6 documents

  • Comprehensive Map
    document Header Comprehensive Map
  • County Zoning
    document Header County Zoning
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
    document Header Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • High Access Corridors
    document Header High Access Corridors
  • Land Cover
    document Header Land Cover
  • Prime Soils
    document Header Prime Soils