Surface Water

Surface water

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Pierce County proudly is home to 109 miles of Class I trout streams and 95 miles of Class II trout streams.

The Land Conservation Department supports the improvement of surface waters by working with landowners and operators to prevent nutrient discharge and sediment migration to streams.

All watershed and water quality data is documented on the DNR Surface Water Data Viewer

Land Conservation helps coordinate this UW-Extension program for county streams.

May through October volunteers monitor a stream site of their choosing for:

  • Water temperature – affects oxygen demand and can threaten creatures’ survival.
  • Transparency – takes into account both color and suspended particles in the water.
  • Dissolved oxygen – lack of it can cause aquatic animals to quickly leave the area or face death.
  • Streamflow – the amount of flowing water in a stream impacts the habitat available for creatures living in and near the stream.
  • Stream macroinvertebrates – insects, worms, crustaceans, clams, and other small, boneless creatures that are visible without the aid of a microscope are used to assess water quality based on their tolerance to conditions.
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