Every Pierce County resident relies on groundwater. Public water supplies are regularly tested and regulated by drinking water standards. Private wells are not required to be regularly tested or required to take corrective action, it is up to the well owner. 

Nitrate Screening Clinics
Land Conservation in collaboration with Public Health and Extension hosts free drinking water nitrate screening for private wells.  Upcoming clinics are:
April 9th from 2-6PM
Bring in ~8 oz. of water in a closed container (preferably glass) collected within 24 hours of the event. It is important to run the tap for 5 minutes (on cold at full flow) before collecting the sample.


Water testing

The Wisconsin DNR recommends (Link to document):  

Ground Water
  1. Bacteria: Every well should be tested once a year, and when you notice a change in taste, color, or smell. 
  2. Nitrate: Every well should be tested once a year, and before the well will be used by a woman who is or may become pregnant. 
  3. Arsenic: Every well should be tested once. If arsenic was present in previous tests, you should test once a year.

Certified drinking water labs close to Pierce county 

Homeowners test kits from the UW-Stevens Point lab are available for pick up in the Land Conservation office

If you are interested in further private well testing or have other questions about groundwater the Center for Watershed Science and Education at UW-Stevens Point is a great resource

Well Specific information

Well Cap

A well log is a wealth of information about your well including it’s: age, depth, casing type etc. 

Search the DNR well log records by address. If you would like assistance finding or reading your well log please contact Retta (

Well Abandonment: Wells no longer used or maintained should consider formal abandonment and closure because they act as direct conduits to groundwater and make it more vulnerable to contamination from the surface. Most well abandonments are eligible for costing sharing assistance- please contact the Land Conservation Dept. for details.

2019-2022 County wide testing results

Results Presentation to the County Board

2019 Groundwater Sampling results (Oak Grove, Clifton, and River Falls)

2020 (testing paused)

2021 Groundwater Sampling results (Martell, Ellsworth, Trimbelle, Diamond Bluff, Trenton, Hartland, Isabelle)

2022 Groundwater Sampling results (Gilman, Spring Lake, El Paso, Rock Elm, Salem, Union, and Maiden Rock)


The ARPA well compensation grant program provides funding to eligible landowners, renters or WI business owners to replace, reconstruct or treat contaminated private water supplies that serve a residence or non-community public water system wells.

This program includes wells with nitrates concentration at or exceeding 10 ppm.


DNR Information for Private Well Owners

WI Well Water Quality Viewer

Well & Water System Disinfection Information

Generalized Water table elevation map