Fair Books

Understanding the Fair Book Entering the Fair-Forms, Entry Codes, FAQ's

The above pod casts were created in 2008, however they contain information that is still beneficial today. Please remember specific dates, times and locations may have changed slightly.

Download the
2022-2023 Pierce County Fair Book Here

Error & Omission Changes for Current Fair Book 2022-2023 is a list of corrections for the preprinted fair books.  These updates have been made to the online version listed above.

Printed Premium Books are available at the following locations:

  • Ellsworth
    • Pierce County Fair Office
    • CCF Bank
    • Ellsworth Public Library
    • Senior Center
  • Elmwood
    • Citizens State Bank
    • Elmwood Public Library
  • Hager City
    • Hiawatha National Bank
  • Maiden Rock
    • Hiawatha National Bank
  • Plum City
    • First Bank of Baldwin
    • Plum City Library
    • Senior Center
  • Prescott
    • BMO Harris Bank
    • Prescott Public Library
    • Senior Center
  • River Falls
    • First National Bank
    • River Falls Public Library
    • River Falls Senior Center
  • Spring Valley
    • Spring Valley Drug
    • First Bank of Baldwin
    • Westconsin Credit Union
    • Spring Valley Public Library
  • Durand
    • Durand Wedge
Thank you community supporters for hosting the 2022-23 Premium  Books!