Tax Deeds

Pierce County tax deed sales are held periodically throughout the year. The sale notice will be printed in the official County newspaper (The Pierce County Journal) for three consecutive weeks prior to the sale. We do not keep a mailing list.


Deliver or mail to our office by the deadline stated in the notice of sale, the following items in a sealed envelope:

  • A money order or cashier’s check for the entire amount of your bid.
  • Your name, address, and telephone number.
  • The file number and description of the property you are bidding on.

You need not be present when the bids are opened. Bids for less than the appraised value will not be accepted at the first sale of property. Pierce County does not have any financing programs. The property will be awarded to the highest bidder and they will be given a Quit Claim deed for the land. Rejected bids will be returned.

Property that does not sell when advertised will be retained by the County for a future sale but may be purchased at any time by means of a sealed bid, pending approval by the County finance committee.

Tax Deed Lands