Ordinance 2007-1

Town of Ellsworth

An ordinance to amend the Animal Control Ordinance

to include

Town fee for temporarily confining an animal running at large



The Town of Ellsworth Animal Control Ordinance is hereby amended as follows:



New section A

  1. When an animal is found to be running at large, the town chair, board members, or employees may temporarily confine the animal.  Reasonable attempts will be made to locate the owner. The town will charge a fee, this fee to be set at a board meeting and published in minutes of said meeting.  This fee and all expenses incurred while confining the animal will be due and payable before the animal is released to its owner.  If the animal is not licensed, the animal will not be released to its owner until it has been licensed.  All fees and expenses incurred while confining the animal, which may include rabies vaccination, are due and payable at the time of licensing.
  2. Former section A is now section B
  3. Former section B is now section C
  4. Former section C is now section D
  5. Former section D is now section E
  6. Former section E is now section F
  7. Former section F is now section G



Adopted this 5th day of March, 2007.


Barry J Foy, Town Chair




Phyllis J Beastrom, Clerk


Published:  March 14, 2007

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