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Land Management Director
Andy Pichotta - EXT 6445

GIS Specialist
Kevin Etherton - EXT 6443

County Surveyor
James Filkins - EXT 6444

Zoning Administrator
Brad Roy - EXT 6441

Assistant Zoning Administrator
Emily Lund - EXT 6683

Zoning Specialist/Code Compliance
Adam Adank - EXT 6870

Office Manager
Shari Hartung - EXT 6439

Office Specialist
Tracie Albrightson - EXT 6438
Anna Anderson - EXT 6640




Well Information

The WI DNR keeps records of Pierce County homeowners' private well information

Well Construction Information
These links allow you to search electronic databases for well construction reports (a.k.a. well logs). The well construction reports will have the name of the property owner when the well was drilled.  If it is an older well (pre-1988) you may not find a well construction report the appears to match since some of those records are missing or incorrectly filed for various reasons.  The less information you enter, the better to find the report.

For well construction reports post - 1988:https://dnrmaps.wi.gov/H5/?viewer=Well_Driller_Viewer
For well construction reports 1988 to currenthttp://prodoasext.dnr.wi.gov/inter1/watr$.startup
For well construction reports older than 1988http://geodata.wgnhs.uwex.edu/well-viewer/  

Well Inspection/Compliance Information
Generally, during real estate transactions wells are inspected to determine if they are code compliant. You can read more about property transfer well inspections on our website: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Wells/RETransfer.html.  If you would like to know if a well is currently code compliant, I recommend that you contact a licensed well driller or pump installer that has indicated they are willing to do inspection work by viewing the list of “Well System Inspectors” on the bottom of this webpage: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Wells/contacts.html.  The list is sorted by county so that should make it easier to find someone local.


Ground Water Quality
For a statewide map of various groundwater quality parameters: http://gissrv2.uwsp.edu/cnr/gwc/pw_web/

You may also want to review the information available on our website for homeowners with private wells.