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Land Management and Zoning

Farmland Preservation Plan


In 2009, the State of Wisconsin instituted the Working Lands Initiative. The Working Lands Initiative is comprised of three program components: a revised Farmland Preservation Program and two new programs – the Agricultural Enterprise Area Program and the Purchase of Conservation Easement Program. Counties that voluntarily participate in the Farmland Preservation Program will afford local farmers the ability to apply for income tax credits. Farmland Preservation Plan updates are needed to assess the current trends and development pressures within each county as well as to continue to promote the economic development of agriculture.

Under the Working Lands Initiative, changes to farmland preservation planning include:

 Modernizing farmland preservation plans to meet current land use challenges

 Providing flexibility for designating areas planned for farmland preservation

 Requiring consistency between local plans

This Farmland Preservation Plan describes goals and policies relating to farmland preservation as well as identifies and maps Farmland Preservation Areas within Pierce County.


Farmland Preservation Maps:


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