Location and Office Hours

Third Floor
Pierce County Office Building
412 W. Kinne St.
PO Box 670
Ellsworth, WI 54011

General Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
(Closed Holidays)

Phone: 715.273.6766 or 715.273.6770
Fax: 715.273.6862

Staff Contacts

Ron Schmidt - EXT 6777

Children, Youth & Families Program Manager
Joy Lynn George - EXT 6772
Jennelle Wolf - EXT 6778

Mental Health & AODA Program Manager
Ron Kiesler - EXT 6642

Economic Support Manager
Christina Tuenge - EXT 6795

Child Support Manager
Luann Berger - EXT 6625

ADRC Manager
Heather Conway - EXT 6593





Human Services

Children, Youth and Families Unit
For more information call (715) 273-6766.

Our mission is to help families remain together. By assisting them in the development of skills in problem solving, communication, relationship building, trust building, and intimacy, we seek to ensure a safe, nurturing environment for all family members.

This unit serves children and families that have a variety of needs.  Families may be referred by law enforcement, mandated reporters or community members.  The unit is the statutory agent for juvenile delinquency and child protection concerns.  The process includes assessment. engagement and service delivery and coordination.  We manage a continuum of services to protect both children and the community.  We utilize statutes, administrative rules and best practice standards to provide quality services.

Ø   Child Abuse/Neglect Assessments/On-going Services evaluate a child's safety in the home and determine the best way to prevent and remedy risk situations in families. Intake for mandated reporters and community members with reports of abuse, neglect, child maltreatment, respond to questions and provide community resources, available to address needs or questions

Ø   Delinquent Youth Services provide intake, processing, and dispositional services to the court in cases of delinquency and truancy and other status offenders.

Ø Proactive Community Supervision

Ø   General Child Welfare Assessments/On-going Services help families remedy stressful situations.

Ø     Court Ordered Stepparent Screenings

Ø    Day Care Certification
            •  Child Care Referral
            •  Record Checks on Individual Daycare Providers
email:  cindy.helmke@co.pierce.wi.us or call 715-273-6766 Ext. 6602

Ø   Foster Care Licensure and Training  e-mail: kristi.frederick@co.pierce.wi.us

Ø   Parent Aide Services gives families a hands-on approach to parenting skills and 
      household organization.

Ø   Independent Living Skills Training helps children 15-21 who receive or have received              alternate care services for six months or more to develop skills necessary to transition to      adulthood.

Ø   Home Studies and Courtesy Services for other counties.

Ø  Parenting Education Classes

Ø   Prevention Services include respite care, parent-aid during stressful times, teaching of       parenting skills, and referral to counseling and other community resources.

Ø PACE Training

Ø   Information and Referral provides information about and referrals to other departments,
      agencies, programs, services, and community organizations.