Location and Office Hours

Third Floor
Pierce County Office Building
412 W. Kinne St.
PO Box 670
Ellsworth, WI 54011

General Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
(Closed Holidays)

Phone: 715.273.6766 or 715.273.6770
Fax: 715.273.6862

Staff Contacts

Ron Schmidt - EXT 6777

Children, Youth & Families Program Manager
Joy Lynn George - EXT 6772
Jennelle Wolf - EXT 6778

Mental Health & AODA Program Manager
Ron Kiesler - EXT 6642

Economic Support Manager
Christina Tuenge - EXT 6795

Child Support Manager
Luann Berger - EXT 6625

ADRC Manager
Heather Conway - EXT 6593






Human Services

Child Support Agency
PHONE NUMBER:  715-273-6764


STAFF: Luann Berger—Child Support Manager
Joyce Keenlyne—Lead Worker/Child Support Specialist II
Jennifer Kruse—Child Support Specialist II
Sally Melstrom—Child Support Specialist II
Tara Olson —Child Support Specialist II




The Child Support Unit works with the court system and law enforcement agencies to make sure that children receive proper economic support, including health insurance.  Our agency has enforcement jurisdiction of child support obligations affecting children who are eligible for public assistance benefits, or if either of the parties files an application for enforcement services.  Our agency does not assist in child custody or child placement issues.

Wisconsin law makes child support a priority over other expenses of the absent parent.  Our job is to make sure the law is enforced so that no child suffers economic disadvantage from the separation or divorce of parents, or the lack of a paternity determination.


If you are on W-2, Medicaid or FoodShare and are separated but not yet divorced, you will automatically be referred to the Child Support Unit.  We will monitor the divorce process and appear on behalf of your children at any court hearings.  If you are not receiving W-2, Medicaid, or FoodShare, you need only to call the agency to apply for services.  There is no cost or fee for child support services.

Paternity Establishment:  Efforts made to determine the male parentage of a non-marital child.

Court System:  The court system is our primary enforcement agency for child support.

Wage Withholding:  Court ordered child support includes an automatic provision for withholding payments from wages, worker’s compensation, and unemployment compensation.

Tax Intercept:  Requires us to send the name of any parent who is delinquent with child support payments to the state and the IRS for interception of tax refunds or lottery winnings.

Uniiform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA):  Allows us to petition another state and many foreign countries to establish and enforce court ordered child support for a parent who has left Wisconsin.

Interstate Collection Program (ICP):  Allows us to turn over collection of unpaid child support payments to a collection agency anywhere in the country.


For questions regarding payments, contact the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) at (800) 991-5530 or (877) 209-5209 (TDD).  Customer Service Reps available by phone 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday.

For general information about Child Support,click here to find tax information for parents, and the ability to view your payments and balances and sign up for direct deposit.

For a Child Support Application click here.

For Circuit Court Forms to assist individuals who want to file their own actions for family court matters click here.

For a release which will allow you to communicate with your Child Support Specialist by e-mail please complete and mail the "Agreement on Use of Electronic Mail for Client Communications"