Location and Office Hours

707 N. Maple Street
PO Box 118
Ellsworth, WI 54011

Recycling Drop Off Hours
Monday - Friday
6:00am - 4:30pm
1st & 3rd Saturdays
8:00am - Noon
(Closed Holidays)

Phone: 715.273.3092
Fax: 715.273.6867

Staff Contacts

Steve Melstrom - EXT 6849

MRF Supervisor
David Murphy - EXT 7402

Office Specialist
Darlene Dailey - EXT 7401




Recycling Guide
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#5 Plastic Accepted
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Foam Insulation Cylinders Not Accepted


Smoke Detector Recycling

Most smoke detectors contain a small amount of Americium 241, a radioactive material.  On the wall, a smoke detector is safe but if broken open in a landfill, it can pose a health threat. All detectors that have radioactive components must be labeled as such. The companies that manufacture detectors accept returned units for disposal as hazardous waste.

The majority of smoke detectors sold in the United States are made by First Alert.  Their address for returning detectors is:

                                    First Alert, Radioactive Waste Disposal
780 McClure Rd., Aurora, IL 60504-2495

Most other smoke detectors are made by a Canadian company called American Sensors. 
You may reach them by calling:    1-800-387-4219