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Cell Phone Recycling


Cell phones are a solid waste management challenge that is significantly growing in scope.  There are two primary reasons for this.

First, they contain a large number of hazardous substances.  These include heavy metals such as cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead - it is estimated that between 100,000 - 15,000 tons of lead are used annually worldwide in the production of electronics - and arsenic.  The plastic housing of most cell phones contain flame retardants that are classified as chlorinated, halogenated or brominated.  These retardants, if incinerated in the presence of copper, which is widely used in cell phones, form dioxins and furans, both highly toxic.

Second, the number of cell phones in use is exploding. In the ten years between 1990-2000, the number of subscribers in this country grew from 5.3 to 109.5 million. Like computers, cell phone technology changes rapidly and phones quickly become obsolete.  Marketing schemes encourage users to replace still functioning phones with newer models.  It is estimated that by 2005, this country will discard 65,000 tons of cell phones and accessories annually. 

Fortunately, there are some national programs that accept cellular phones for either refurbishing and reuse, or recycling.  In many instances, since all cell phones are required by federal law to be capable of dialing 9-1-1 for emergencies, they are often donated to agencies such as domestic abuse shelters.

There are two locations in Eau Claire that accept cell phones including those made or sold by other companies:

1) CellularOne, 4620 Golf Road, 831-1900
2) Sprint PCS, 3545 Gateway Drive, 552-8326

You may also want to check with the store you purchased your cell phone from or the manufacturer for recycling options