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2018 Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances 2018

Map Amendment (Rezone) for 12.78 Acres from General Rural to Agriculture Residential in the Town of Trimbelle. Timothy & Becky Brunner.
Amend Chapter 172, Section 172-15(B) of the Pierce County Code - Parks and Recreation.
Map Amendment (Rezone) for 8 acres from General Rural Flexible to Commercial in the Town of Trenton. Ellsworth Community School JT District 1 (Lindgren School)
Amend Chapter 13 (Employees & Officers), Article IV (Administrative Coordinator), §13-6 (General Powers & Duties), of the Pierce County Code.
Amend Chapter 240 (Zoning), Article III (Dimensional Requirements), §240-29 (Height Requirements) and 240-32 (Accessory Structures) of the Pierce County Code.
Ordinance to Create Chapter 27 of the Pierce County Code Entitled "Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing"

Resolutions 2018

Disallowance of Claim - Kristi Frederick
Reauthorization of Self Funded Worker's Compensation
Salary Adjustments for Elected Officials Clerk of Court and Sheriff 2019-2022
Commendation to Former County Board Supervisors
Authorize to use Jail Assessment Fund for Day Reporting Center and Jail Costs and Reauthorization and Reallocation of Previously Approved use of Jail Assessment Funds in Resolution 14-09.
Amend Fees for Services of County Medical Examiner and Deputy Medical Examiner
Authorization to Amend Insurance Plan to Include Dental Program and Approve Contributions
Authorize Additional Hours for Deputy Register in Probate for 2018 and Approve Transfer from General Fund
Authorize New Human Services Department CCS Service Facilitator Positions for 2018
Amend Personnel Policy to Add Remote Work Policy and Amend Sick Leave and PTO FMLA Language and Make Other General Cleanup Changes
Dog Damage Claims
Adopt Amendments to the Pierce County Revolving Loan Fund Manual
Authorize New Position - Department of Human Services Dementia Care Specialist
Authorize Health Insurance Plan Third Party Administrator
Resolution Authorizing the Borrowing of Not to Exceed $8,055,000; and Providing for the Issuance and Sale of General Obligation Promissory Notes Therefor
Amend Personnel Policy to Add Section Regarding County Owned Property
Transfer of Funds from the General Fund into the County Veterans Service Office Budget for the Purchase of a New Veterans Transportation Van
JUST FIX IT - Transportation Funding
Awarding the Sale of $8,055,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes; Series 2018A; Providing the From of the Notes; and Levying a Tax in Connection Therewith
Authorizing Pierce County to Enter into Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement Relating to Wisconsin PACE Commission
Authorize New Positions for 2019
Library Funding for 2019
Establish 2019 Salaries and Benefits for Designated Employees
Approve 2019 Tax Levy and Budget
Authorize Cancellation of Outstanding County Orders
Support of Proposed University of Wisconsin River Falls Science and Technology Innovation Center
Resolution in Support of Increased County Child Support Funding
Designate County Depositories and Working Banks
Authorize to Utilize Unused 2018 Funds Budgeted for Salaries to Purchase and Replace County Computer Network Switches
Claims for Listing Dogs
Care of Soldiers' Graves
Ratify Labor Association of WI, Inc. (LAW) Sheriff's Department - Jail Subunit Collective Bargaining Agreement
Ratify Labor Association of WI, Inc. (LAW) Sheriff's Department - Patrol, Investigators, Subunit Collective Bargaining Agreement