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2016 Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances 2016

Revise Chapter 240 ยง240-36, 240-58 through 240-64, 240-74 & 240-88 of the Pierce County Code - Signs / Lighting
Amend Chapter 172, Section 172(B) of the Pierce County Code - Parks and Recreation (Adoption Failed)
Map Amendment (Rezone) for 3.09 Acres from Rural Residential 20 (RR-20) to General Rural Flexible (GRF) in the Town of Trenton. Daniel & Jean Ryan
Create Pierce County Code Chapter 242 - Shoreland Zoning and Amend Chapter 240 - Zoning to Remove Shoreland Zoning Provisions
Map Amendment (Rezone) for 33 Acres from Light Industrial (LI) to General Rural Flexible-8 (GRF8) in the Town of Oak Grove. Leon & Donna Nesbitt.

Resolutions 2016

Amend Personnel Policy to Make Changes to Tracking of Paid Time Off (PTO), Holiday Pay for Civilian Dispatchers and Clarifications to the Pierce County Travel Policy
Establish 2016 Salaries and Benefits for Designated Employees (Former Teamster Bargaining Unit Members)
Supporting the Upper Pool 4 & Lake Pepin Habitat Restoration Project
Approve the Amount of Jail Project Financing to be Published in the Official Statement
Opposition to Senate Bill 326/Assembly Bill 429 Affecting Child Welfare Practice
Authorizing the Initiating of the SOAR Program in Pierce County Using the Community Development Block Grant
Granting Exception to Purchasing Policy and Authorization for County to Perform Parking Lot Resurfacing Work Without Submitting for Bids
Resolution Awarding the sale of $18,500,000 General Obligation Jail and sheriff's Department Facility Bonds, Series 2016A; Providing the Form of the Bonds; and Levying a Tax in Connection Therewith
Authorization of Unbudgeted Expenditure not to Exceed $60,000 to Retain a Consultant to Perform Operational and Cost Analysis of the Solid Waste/Recycling/Clean Sweep Programs and to be Paid with Solid Waste User Fees
Salary Adjustments for Elected Officials County Clerk, Treasurer, and Register of Deeds 2017-2020
Support for County-Wide Broadband Access
Commendation to Former County Board Supervisors
Create 1.0 FTE Social Worker Position for the Community Behavioral Health Unit
Authorized Land Conservation Director to Apply for Department of Natural Resources Runoff Management Grant
Supporting the Establishment of the North-West Pierce County Agricultural Enterprise Area
Amend Personnel Policy to Make Changes to Paid Time Off (PTO) and Personal Leave Sick Bank (PLSB)
Authorizing Increases and Other Changes for Doctor Visits and Pharmacy Co-Pays for the Pierce County Health Insurance Plan Effective January 1, 2017
Approve Proposed Amendments to Town of River Falls Zoning Ordinance (Ch. 17) Pursuant to Sec. 60.62(3) Wis. Stats.
Disaster Declaration
Authorization for Reorganization of 2016 Budgeted Community Behavioral Health Human Services Worker Position into Social Worker Position
Amend Personnel Policy to Implement a Protective footwear Program for Eligible Highway Department Employees
Just Fix It
Authorization to Retain Consultant to Provide Feedback Regarding County Courthouse and Annex Space Needs and Courthouse Security Issues
To Order Issuance of Deed to Pierce County for Property Subject to Tax Certificate
Increase Library Funding
To Order Issuance of Deed to Pierce County for Property Subject to Tax Certificate
Establish 2017 Salaries and Benefits for Designated Employees
In Support of Increased Funding in the Children and Family Aids Allocation
Authorize New Positions for 2017
Approve 2017 Tax Levy and Budget
To Accept the Donation in the Amount of $10,00 from Nestle Purina for the Pierce County Sheriff's Department K9 Program
Authorize Acceptance of Motorola Proposal to Purchase Sheriff's Radio, Console and 911 System Equipment Enhancements and Approve Funding Source
Claims for Listing Dogs
Care of Soldiers' Graves
To Secure State Funding to Support Communicable Disease Control for Population Health
Ratify Labor Association of WI, Inc. (LAW) Sheriff's Department - Jail/Jail Dispatch Subunit Collective Bargaining Agreement
Ratify Labor Association of WI, Inc. (LAW) Sheriff's Department - Patrol, Investigators Subunit Collective Bargaining Agreement