Town Hall/Polling Location
W7926 250th Ave.
Hager City, WI 54014
No Phone / No Mail Receptical

Town Garage
N2551 Co. Rd. VV
Hager City, WI 54014
Phone: 715.792.2911
Garage Open: 7am - 3:30pm

Town Officials

Brian Berg
N3823 750th St.
Ellsworth, WI 54011
Phone: 715.792.5482

Rick Bunce
N2464 US Hwy. 63
Hager City, WI 54014
Phone: 715.792.5126

Dennis Anderson
N3115 US Hwy. 63
Hager City, WI 54014
Phone: 715.792.5185

Herbert Oberg
N2296 Co. Rd. VV
Hager City, WI 54014
Phone: 715.792.2456

Randy Trok
W8477 162nd Ave.
Hager City, WI 54014
Phone: 715.792.2972

Steve Thoms
W8074 147th Ave.
Hager City, WI 54014
Phone: 715.792.5218

Jaimie Halvorson
PO Box 150
Hager City, WI 54014
Phone: 715.792.2342
Cell: 651.380.4689



Monthly Board Meetings
2nd Tuesday ea. Month
7:00 p.m.

Annual Town Meeting
April 17, 2018
7:00 p.m.

Open Book:
July 31, 2018
12 - 2 p.m. Town Hall

Board of Review
August 08, 2018
4 - 6 p.m. Town Hall



Dog owners are responsible for purchasing a dog license for all their dogs, to secure the license tags to the dog collar and to keep the dog on their property.

Rabies vaccinations must be current and certified at the time of licensing. Dog license fees are $10 for spayed or neutered dogs and $20 for non-spayed or non-neutered dogs; private dog kennel $50; Commercial dog kennel variable rate depending on number of dogs. All dogs are to be licensed by April 1st of each year or when they reach the age of five (5) months.

To obtain Dog licenses, contact the Town Treasurer.

The town of Trenton currently contracts with the Humane Society of Goodhue County for animal control of stray and impounded animals.


Step one: Land use permits are required for all new structures, any structural changes and additions. To obtain these land use permits and sanitary permits contact the Pierce County Zoning Department at 715.273.6746.

Step two: Building permits from the Town of Trenton are also required for:
New Homes
Alterations/additions to current homes or for changes that alter occupancy area, structural strength, fire protection, exits, natural light or ventilation
Major additions: An addition that ads one or more rooms with a greater than 200 additional square feet of floor area without removing the existing house.
Major remodeling: Includes the removal of any interior or exterior wall space that cause a new foundation to support a new roof line and enlarge the footprint by adding less than 200 square feet in total to the existing house.
Minor additions: This includes the completion of unfinished basement rooms such as the recreation room, bedrooms and bathrooms in the house interior and each exterior attached enclosed porch.
Minor remodeling: This includes remodeling confined to the existing interior of the existing house. No interior or exterior walls are removed. It does include replacement of windows, siding, and doors of the existing house structure when the community code requires this permits.
Accessory Buildings 200 sq feet or larger require a township building permit.
Converting a non-inhabited building or structure to a residence will be charged a fee as a new home. All the requirements for a new house must be met.

New home packets are available from the Town Clerk. Upon completion of the application, return all material and necessary forms to Steve Thoms - Clerk. The Clerk will forward all applications to Galen Seipel - Building Inspector. The building inspector will issue all building permits.

Inspections are now required for building permits, Contact Galen Seipel at 715.262-5777 to schedule erosion, footings, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation and final inspections.

Driveway permits must be obtained prior to land use and building permits. Driveway applications are available from the Town Clerk. Driveway application fee of $500.00 and bond of $1000.00 is due when the application is submitted. The town board will review and approve/deny driveway applications at their regular monthly meeting. All new driveways must meet the codes set by the Town Board. All private roads must be built according to town standards.

The Pierce County Zoning office is responsible for assigning addresses and fire numbers.

It is illegal to burn garbage and painted or treated lumber in Pierce County. The town does not issue burning permits, but if you plan to burn, notify the Pierce County Solid Waste Department at 715.273.3092, the town chair or one of the supervisors AND the Ellsworth Fire Department (715.273.4653) AND call the Pierce County Sheriff's Department (715.273.5051) to let them know when and what you are burning. If you do not notify the Sheriff's Department and someone calls in your fire, you will be charged for the fire call.

Fireworks permits are required in the Town of Trenton. Contact the Town Chair to receive a fireworks permit. There is no charge for these permits.