Location and Office Hours

Lower Level
Courthouse Annex
414 W. Main St.
PO Box 9
Ellsworth, WI 54011

General Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 4:30pm
(Closed Holidays)

Dispatch Walkup Window
Open 24/7

Phone: 715.273.5051
TTD: 715-273-5251
Tip Line : 715-273-3757
Administration Fax:
Investigation Fax:
Jail Fax: 715-273-6856

Staff Contacts

Nancy Hove - EXT 6808

Chief Deputy
Jason Matthys - EXT 6806

Steve Albarado - EXT 6809
Mike Waltz - EXT 6811
Wade Strain - EXT 6803

Juvenile Officer/ Investigator
Tom Bauer - EXT 6801

Doug Ducklow - EXT 6807
Marty Shepler - EXT 6873
Collin Gilles- EXT 6802
Pete Koch- EXT 6804

Patrol Sergeant
Chad Koranda, DARE Officer
- EXT 6805
Andy Thoms - EXT 6865

Sergeant Dispatcher/Jailer
Phil Meixner - EXT 6844
Tonette May - EXT 6844

Recreation Safety Patrol
Jeremy Brookshaw -EXT 6816


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Sheriff Dept.

Dare Program

Project Lifesaver


Law Enforcement

DUTIES: Strives to maintain law and order within the county.  They also serve civil process, provide court bailiffs, crime investigation, maintain the jail, provide anti-drug abuse enforcement and education, traffic enforcement including accident reports, water and snowmobile patrol, welfare fraud investigation, juvenile code enforcement, 24 hour dispatch center (273-5051) and handle "911" emergency calls.

Victim Information and Notificaton Everyday (VINE)

Pierce County Emergency Notification
Sign Up Page
- Wireless 911

Code Red

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