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Pierce County “Smart Growth” Comprehensive Plan Review 2015-2016


Welcome to the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan Update web page. The purpose of this page is to provide Pierce County residents, land owners, and stakeholders with the ability to review and comment on the various elements of the Plan prior to the holding of a public hearing to consider its adoption.

The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for future growth and development in Pierce County. The Pierce County “Smart Growth” Comprehensive was adopted in 2009 and, under Wisconsin state requirements, must be updated every 10 years, at a minimum. The process to review and update the comprehensive plan will begin in August 2015, with the Pierce County Land Management Committee conducting the review. To simplify the process, Land Management Department staff will break the plan up into its smaller individual elements and provide updated resource information and other pertinent data to help determine if revisions or additions are warranted.
Throughout the update and revision process, it will be important to continue to solicit public input concerning the county’s goals, objectives, and policies. Land Management Department staff will keep the information on this site current and hope that you will use the link below to comment on parts of the plan that might be changing. We look forward to hearing from you!


Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources
Staff Report

Transportation; Utilities & Community Facilities
Staff Report

Housing and Economic Development
Staff Report

Land Use
Staff Report

Intergovernmental Cooperation
Staff Report

Management Goals, Objectives & Policies Part I & II
Staff Report
- February 17, 2016
- March 02, 2016

County Wide Policies
Staff Report

Please submit any questions, comments or concerns to: comp.plan2015@co.pierce.wi.us