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Pierce County Jail Project

On December 3, 2012 at the Pierce County Finance and Personnel Committee meeting action was taken to form the initial ad hoc committee to address the many issues related to the jail. Thereafter two subsequent Ad Hoc Committees have been created as well. The purpose of these committees is to research and analyze jail issues and liability concerns in order to identify and consider potential corrective alternatives for consideration by the Board of Supervisors.

The development of this page is to keep the public informed of the progress of the Pierce County Jail Ad Hoc Committees. The tool bar at the left is created to provide users with information pertaining to this specific project.

Legislation - Any resolutions that may have been presented or adopted regarding the Jail Project.

Meetings - Contains a list of all meeting dates and includes links to all agendas, approved minutes and the agenda packets that were provided to the members of the committees and the public.

Reports - Includes final reports of each phase of this project as well as any preliminary reports that may have been presented.

Information regarding this project and this web-page are is still being collected and processed for publication and will be posted to these pages as soon as possible.