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May 19, 2016
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Pierce County Jail Project

The F & P Committee created the initial Ad Hoc Jail Committee (Ad Hoc I) pursuant to ยง4-21(1) of the Pierce County Code - See December 03, 2012 Finance and Personnel Minutes
Create Ad Hoc Jail Planning Committee (Ad Hoc II)
Authorization for Unbudgeted Expenditure and to Use Jail Assessment Fund to Pay for Professional Consulting Services to More Formally Consider Recommendations of Ad Hoc Committee
Authorize Pursuing the Recommendation of Ad Hoc (Jail) Committee - 50 Bed Jail (With Ability for Future Expansion) & to Remodel Existing Courthouse Annex into a Justice Center
Create Ad Hoc Jail Planning & Specifications Development Committee (Ad Hoc III).
Authorization for Use of Jail Assessment Funds by the AD HOC Jail Planning and Specifications Committee, Including Paying for Professional Consulting Services to Provide Financial Projections on Operational and Staffing Costs for a New Jail Facility
Approve Site Location of Potential Jail and Approximate Number of Jail Beds
Approve Recommendation of Ad Hoc Jail Planning and Specifications Development Committee (AD Hoc III)
Authorize the Borrowing of not to Exceed $19,000,000; and Providing for the Issuance and Sale of General Obligation Bonds Therefor
To Authorize Temporary Source and Transfer of Funds for Initial Unbudgeted Jail Project Costs Subject to Reimbursement from Bond Proceeds
Approve the Final Design of the Jail Project
Approve the Amount of Jail Project Financing to be Published in the Official Statement
Resolution Awarding the sale of $18,500,000 General Obligation Jail and sheriff's Department Facility Bonds, Series 2016A; Providing the Form of the Bonds; and Levying a Tax in Connection Therewith