Location and Office Hours

Third Floor
Pierce County Office Building
412 W. Kinne St.
PO Box 670
Ellsworth, WI 54011

General Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
(Closed Holidays)

Phone: 715.273.6766 or 715.273.6770
Fax: 715.273.6862

Staff Contacts

Ron Schmidt - EXT 6777

Children, Youth & Families Program Manager
Carly Ohman - EXT 6772
Kristi Frederick - EXT 6773

Mental Health & AODA Program Manager
Ron Kiesler - EXT 6642

Economic Support Manager
Christina Tuenge - EXT 6795

Child Support Manager
Luann Berger - EXT 6625

ADRC Manager
Heather Conway - EXT 6593






Human Services

POLICY: Establishment & legal status of the organization

Pierce County Department of Human Services is established under authority of Wisconsin Statute 46.23 and Pierce County, Wisconsin Codes 7-13 and 4-23 by the Pierce County Board of Supervisors. The Community Human Services Board for Pierce County (also referred to as the Pierce County Department of Human Services Board) is established to supervise the Department of Human Services and perform all duties prescribed by state law.

The Community Human Services Board, as the governing body of Pierce County Department of Human Services, is entrusted with the authority to establish policy for the governance of Pierce County Department of Human Services, the County Aging Unit for Pierce County and Pierce County Child Support. Board polity establishes the parameters and guidelines for board members, committees, management, and staff.

The purposes of the Department's policies are to:

Inform everyone of the Department's mission, board intent, goals and aspirations;

Ensure consistency of board action and agency operations;

Effectively communicate among board members, staff and the public;

Enhance public relations;

Clarify board member, executive and staff roles;

Provide management with a clear direction from the Board;

Promote quality program offerings and effective service delivery; and

Minimize county liability and maximize county resources.

The business of the Department will be conducted in accordance with state and federal laws, Pierce County, Wisconsin codes and ordinances, Human Services' Board policies and generally accepted business practices that will accomplish the mission of the Pierce County Department of Human Services.


Wisconsin Statute 46.23

Pierce County Code 7-13

Pierce County Code 4-23

Pierce County Code 7-1

Pierce County Code 7-4