Location and Office Hours

Seyforth Building
364 North Maple St.
PO Box 922
Ellsworth, WI 54011


General Office Hours
Monday - Friday
Varied/Limited Hours
(Closed Holidays)

Phone: 715.273.6874 or 715.273.6789
Fax: 715.273.6861

Staff Contacts

Fair Manager
Ann Webb - Ext. 6597

Office Specialist
April Daniels - Ext. 6598

Matt Kelly - Ext. 6789






At the Fair - Check-in, Judging, Checkout
The above pod cast was created in 2008, however it contains information that is still beneficial today. Please remember specific dates, times and locations may have changed slightly.
Wed 8/8


Jr. & Open Rabbit

Silver Barn

8:30 Jr. & Open Poultry   Silver Barn
9:00 Jr. Cultural Arts (select classes only)   Seyforth Building
Noon - 8:00 Entry of Non-animal exhibits    
5:00 - 9:00 Entry of animal exhibits
(dairy, beef, swine, sheep, goats & horse)
5:00 Open Cut Flowers, Arrangements, Container Gardening & Houseplants   Lower Round Barn
Thurs 8/9
8:00 - Noon Entry of animal exhibits (dairy & beef)    
9:00 Jr. Horse (performance, therapeutic, mini & draft)   Horse Arena
9:00 Jr. Foods   Seyforth
9:00 Jr. Animal & Vet Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mechanical Projects, Booths & Open Plant and Soil Science   Upstairs Round Barn
9:00 Jr. Plant & Soil Science, Knitting/Crocheting, Home Furnishings, Child Development, School Exhibits and Open Home Furnishings   Kenny Hines Exhibit Building
9:00 Jr. Flowers, Woodworking   Lower Round Barn
9:00 Open Natural Science, Cultural Arts, Photography, Foods & Nutrition, Clothing and Knitting & Crocheting   Home Economics Bldg.
9:30 Jr. Meat Goat   Drewiske Barn
10:00 Jr. & Open Sheep   Drewiske Barn
2:00 Jr. Exotic Animals   West End Arena Barn
4:00 Jr. Swine   Drewiske Barn
6:30 Community Talent Shows   Picnic Shelter
Friday 8/10
8:00 Jr. & Open Beef   East End Arena Barn
9:00 Jr. Horse (pleasure)   Horse Arena
9:00 Open Dairy   West End Arena Barn
10:00 Jr. Goats - fun classes   Drewiske Barn
3:00 Rabbit Agility   Drewiske Barn
6:30 4-H/FFA Livestock Auction   Arena Barn
Sat. 8/11
8:00 Jr. Horse (Gymkhana)   Horse Arena
9:00 Jr. Dairy   Arena Barn
9:00 Jr. & Open Goat   Drewiske Barn
11:00 Talent Show Finals   Picnic Shelter
12:30 "Little Dairymen" show   Arena Barn
Sun. 8/12
9:00 Jr. Horse (fun class)   Horse Arena

Updated 11/08/2017