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Pierce County Circuit Judge
Judge Joseph Boles

Court Commissioner
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District Attorney
Sean Froelich

Probation & Parole
Samantha Brill

State Public Defender
Liesl Nelson

Drug Court Coordinator
Mary Kelly

Pierce County Sheriff's Department
Jerry Nelson
Jeremy Brookshaw





Pierce County Drug Court

The Pierce County Drug Court is a three-phase intervention program for adult’s who have pled guilty to one or more non-violent crimes related to drug or alcohol addiction and who are having difficulty staying clean and sober. It is a collaborative effort between the Pierce County criminal justice system and our drug treatment community, working together toward a common goal of breaking the cycle of drug/alcohol addiction and criminal behavior. Treatment intervention is structured around the authority and personal involvement of the Drug Court Judge. By working together, we seek to provide a variety of programs and supervision that support and help an individual maintain a drug-free life.


Pierce County Drug Court will effectively use tax dollars and community resources to promote public safety and reduce crime through court-monitored treatment of offenders.



d To promote self-sufficiency by reducing drug abuse through Drug Court treatment
d      To provide an integrated program of drug treatment, drug abuse education, and rehabilitation services.
d      To promote public safety by reducing recidivism.
d      To examine the cost-effectiveness of the program thereby demonstrating cost savings to  the taxpayer.



Eligibility Criteria

d      An offender is eligible to participate in the Pierce County Drug Court if
d      The defendant is a resident of Pierce County.
d      The defendant is charged with a felony in Pierce County.
d      The defendant is charged with a felony offense while under the influence of or while   in the possession of illegal drugs, or while addicted to drugs where there is some relationship between the addiction and the commission of the offense.
d      The defendant is willing to comply with the Drug Court Program rules.
d      The defendant is found, through the use of a screening tool to be a person who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.
d      The defendant is able to physically participate in treatment activities (within guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act).
d      The defendant’s criminal record check must disclose no other pending felony charges, no prior violent felony convictions, and no domestic battery convictions.



Referrals to the Pierce County Drug Court Program may come from the following sources:

d      The District Attorney’s Office
Probation and Parole Agent
  d      The Defense Attorney



Drug Court meets weekly in the West Wing of the Pierce County Circuit Court on Tuesdays at 8:30 am. The Drug Court team meets prior to Drug Court at 8:00 am. Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the 8:30 am Drug Court session.


Treatment and Testing

There are three phases in the Pierce County Drug Court Program

Phase one = 3 months

Phase two = 4 months

Phase three = 6 months

Participant’s can expect to be in Drug Court for a minimum of 13 to 18 months.

Participants attend court Weekly, BI-Weekly and Monthly depending on the phase they are in and/or as determined by the Drug Court team.

Participants will be involved in random drug and alcohol testing to check for compliance with the Drug Court Program.

Participants will be in a treatment program determined by their AODA Counselor and the Drug Court team.

Participants will be expected to attend a minimum of 3 support meetings every week.

The Drug Court Team decides when a participant can move on to the next phase of their program.



k    pdf format

    k  Attorney Drug Court Referra
k      Participant Handbook 
k      Policies and Procedures Manual


Contact Information

For further information or to make a referral to the Drug Court Program, please contact:

Mary Kelly
Pierce County Drug Court Coordinator
Office: 715-273-6770 ext. 6613
Fax: 715-273-6862
Email: mary.kelly@co.pierce.wi.us