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414 W. Main St.
PO Box 119
Ellsworth, WI 54011

General Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Marriage License & Passports processed 8:00am to 4:30pm
(Closed Holidays)

Phone: 715.273.6744 or 715.273.6796
Fax: 715.273.6861

Staff Contacts

County Clerk
Jamie Feuerhelm - Ext. 6688

Deputy Clerk
Cyndi Kern - Ext. 6420

Susan Brathol - Ext. 6000





Tax Deed Lands
Pierce County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.  Please contact the County Clerk’s Office at 273-6744 if you have any questions.



File #428 (151-01017-0900)All of Lots 4 & 5 Block 10 Original Plat Village of Maiden Rock except the right of railroad & 10 feet off the Southeasterly side of Lot 5 described as commencing 60 feet Northwesterly from the Southeast corner of Block 10 on Main Street in said Village; thence Southwesterly to the line of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad; thence along the Northeasterly line of Railroad right of way 90 feet; thence Northeasterly to Main Street; thence Southeasterly on Main Street 90 feet to the place of beginning.  Subject to easements of record. W3603 State Rd. 35, Village of Maiden Rock

Appraised Value: $15,000


File #426 (121-01144-0900)Lots 25, 26, 27, & 28; Block 2, Campbells Addition, Village of Ellsworth except that parcel described as beginning at the SW corner of Lot 25 Block 2 Campbells Addition, thence S73˚15’45”E along the south line of said lots 25, 26, 27, & 28 a distance of 68.86 feet; thence N16˚00’00”E along the Easterly line of said Lot 28 a distance of 17.67 feet; thence N80˚18’19” a distance of 71.93 feet to a point on the westerly line of said Lot 25; thence S00˚33’43”E along said line a distance of 9.26 feet to the Point of Beginning.  Together with an easement described in Volume 287 Page 192, Document #349961.  101 S. Utility St.

Appraised Value: $65,000