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Tax Deed Lands
Pierce County reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids.  Properties are sold ‘AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS’, Pierce County makes no express or implied warranties, guarantees, or returns.  Please contact the County Clerk’s Office at 273-6744 if you have any questions.


File #429 (121-01146-0540)Outlot 2 the Highlands together with access over & across N 10 feet Lot 30 The Highlands subject to bylaws of Highlands Owners Association document. Said land lying & being in the Village of Ellsworth, Pierce County & State of Wisconsin.  Approx. 12.16 Acres, primarily wooded.Appraised Value:  $30,000.00

File #430 (022-01031-0800)Parcel in NW 1/4 of SE ¼ Section 7, T27N, R18W, Town of River Falls, Pierce County, WI.  Described as commencing at E 1/4 Corner of said Section 7, thence N88°22'39"W a distance of 1879.54 Feet, thence S02°05'48"W 291.91 Feet to point of beginning:  Thence continue S02°05'48"W  184.00 Feet along the Westerly line of Lot 4 of Certified Survey Maps Volume 9 Page 12;  Thence N88°00'59"W a distance of 293.13 Feet; Thence Northwesterly along the Northeasterly Right of Way of 945TH Street on an 1849.86 radius curve concave Northeasterly whose chord bears N32°00'46"W a distance of 265.36 Feet; Thence S88°00'59"E 185.94 Feet; Thence S02°05'48"W 36 Feet; Thence S88°00'59"E 256 Feet to point of beginning.  Subject to easement over North 32 Feet per Doc #455686.  Approx. 1.52 Acres.  Appraised Value:  $50,000.00

File #431 (276-01302-0405)Lot 5 CSM Volume 9 Page 12 as Document #425444, containing 3.534 Acres being part of the N ½ of SE ¼, Section 7, T27N, R18W together with access easements per Document #455686, said land lying & being in the City of River Falls, Pierce County, State of Wisconsin.  Approx. 3.53 Acres.Appraised Value:  $90,000.00

File #432 (106-01019-1000 & 106-01031-0200) Lot 1 of Certified Survey Map recorded in Volume 13 Page 80, document #537842 on August 13, 2012 and formerly described as:
106-01019-1000 –  Parcel 1:  The West 42 feet of Lot 2, and the East 45 feet of Lot 3, in Block 7, in the Original Plat of the Village of Bay City.
106-01031-0200 – Parcel 2:  A part of Block G of the Original Plat of the Village of Bay City, commencing at a point on the south line of said Block G where the north-south line between Lots 2 and 3 in Block 7 Original Plat would intersect if extended northerly to the south line of Block G; thence easterly on south line of Block G      42 feet; thence northerly parallel with the East line of Block G 75 feet to the North line of Block G; thence westerly along north line of Block G a distance of 87 feet; thence southerly 75 feet to the south line of Block G; thence easterly along the South line of Block G 45 feet to the Point of Beginning.Appraised Value:  $10,000.00


Bidding Procedure for all of the properties above

  • Sealed bids, marked “Tax Deed Land”, shall be received at the Pierce County Clerk’s Office at 414 W. Main St, P.O. Box 119, Ellsworth, WI, 54011, no later than 12:00 p.m. on Friday, January 13, 2017; bids will be opened at 4:00 p.m. at the County Clerk’s Office.
  • Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 75.69(1) the minimum bid allowable is set at the appraised value.
  • Enclose a copy of the ad or legal description of the property bidding on.
  • Include name, address, & phone number of bidder.
  • A cashier’s check or money order for the full amount of the bid is preferred & should be submitted with bid.  In lieu of check or money order an endorsed pre-qualification loan acceptance letter from a financial institution may be accepted.  Not more than 30 days will be allowed to secure financing & payment made for bid amount.  Payment shall be made payable to the Pierce County Clerk.
  • Bids will be submitted for final approval to the Finance & Personnel Committee at its meeting on Feb. 6, 2017 at 4 p.m., County Board Room, 414 W. Main Street, Ellsworth, WI 54011.
  • A Quit Claim Deed will be furnished by Pierce County to the successful bidder.  A separate & additional $30.00 recording fee is required to file the deed; check payable to Pierce County ROD.