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Pierce County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

Mission Statement
The mission of the Pierce County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council is to improve the quality of justice services to victims, offenders and the community. We will accomplish this through the coordination of cost-efficient strategies and more effective methodologies, building upon best practice and social science research.



  • The Council will understand the legal requirement of each agency and will communicate with one another in the most professional manner.
  • The Council will work together to best address the core issues that drive alcohol and drug use within Pierce County and motivate the community toward healthy behavioral change.
  • The Council will promote the use of best practice strategies throughout all key decision making points of contact within the criminal justice system.
  • The Council will offer support and assistance towards a decision on making the Sheriff's Department and Court facilities accessible, safe and secure.
  • The Council will build social capital through increased community outreach.
  • The Council will promote the creation and adoption of multi-disciplinary training ideas for law enforcement, court personnel, probation, human services, and advocates.


Voting Members

Honorable Judge Joseph Boles
Pierce County Circuit Judge
Jorv Gavic
Pierce County Court Commissioner
Jon Aubart
County Board Member
Nancy Hove
Pierce County Sheriff
Sean Froelich
District Attorney
Ron Schmidt
Director, PC Human Services
Joy Lynn George
Human Services Juvenile Justice Worker
Samantha Brill
Human Services Court Services Worker
Liesl Nelson
Public Defender
Mark Lemke
Probation & Parole Supervisor
Gordon Young
Police Chief - River Falls Police Dept.
Eric Ladwig
Police Chief - Ellsworth Police Dept.
John DuBois
Police Chief - Spring Valley Police Dept.
Brad Lawrence
Corporation Counsel



Council Liaisons

JoAnn Miller
Pierce County Administrative Coordinator

Mary Jo Sutton
Member of the community at large

Open Member
of the community at large
Open Member
of the community at large
Thomas Pedersen
Member from University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Mike Knoll
advocacy group - SCV SART
Alena Taylor
advocacy group - Turning Point
Kathryn Van Dusartz
advocacy group - NAMI
Erin Mulhollam
Pierce County Victim Witness Coordinator
Mary Kelly
Pierce County Drug Court Coordinator
Jeff Muszynski
Local Bar Association
Open Member
Ministry within Pierce County
John Worsing
Pierce County Medical Examiner



The Pierce County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council meets monthly, on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held in the Pierce County Courthouse Annex | Emergency Operations Center | 124 N Oak Street | Ellsworth, WI 54011 at Noon to 1 p.m. These are open meetings and the public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

There will be no meeting in July or December.


Contact Information


For further information about the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, please contact:


Susan M. Capparelli
CJCC Coordinator
Ph.: 715.425.1100

Council members are available to speak at community meetings to discuss the CJCC goals and objectives. Please contact the Coordinator for scheduling.